Pinevale Elementary School

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About Us » Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


     We, at Pinevale Elementary, strive to provide a comprehensive learning environment where we prepare students to pursue infinite possibilities.



     Our mission is to provide quality teaching and learning that results in superior performance for all students.



    1. To ensure that all students achieve high levels of academic performance.

    2.  To enhance student performance through increased parent and community support and involvement.

    3. To recruit and maintain highly qualified teachers and leaders.

    4. To utilize proactive planning to accomplish timely and effective financial decisions.

     5. To plan, construct, and maintain facilities that enhance academic and extracurricular programs and objectives.




We believe:

  1. Positive attitudes and relationships are essential for quality learning.
  2. A safe, supportive environment nurtures teaching and learning.
  3. Continuous improvement through shared decision-making is essential to increase student achievement.
  4. Involvement and support of all stakeholders contribute to improved educational outcomes for all students.
  5. Public schools contribute to and enhance the quality of life in the community.
  6. All students have unique needs and learn when actively engaged in appropriate instruction and support.
  7. Teachers and parents are the most influential factors in improving student achievement.
  8. High expectations for all students, staff, and stakeholders are essential for student success.
  9. Effective teachers and Administrators continuously improve through ongoing, job-embedded professional learning.
  10. Activities beyond core academics provide relationships and connections that are critical to student learning.